Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The illiterate scum bag who wrote this pile of shit would have me believe that he needs a nanny for his children.

Therefore I, being a middle aged male accountant, am the obvious choice!?

Suffice to say this pile of shit is a scam designed to elicit the naive and gullible to part with their personal details, so that the scammer can commit id fraud.

I just registered online and was going through resumes when you caught my eye so i have to register with my credit card to get your contact email after going through your profile and i think you fit the bill of the kind of nanny i will love to be by my 9 years old son mathew and 7 year old dauther laura when i am not around.
So down to the order of the day, i'm willing to pay you as much as 1100pounds per-week of which your basic salary will be 820pounds and the extra 280 will be for the up-keep of my kids when i'm not in town and also it comes with a very comfortable apartment inside my mansion and also a car to ferry my kids to-from school, you also get allowances periodically,
all i want from you is your total and complete devotion to my kids and my kids alone. I'm a single parent and also a quite successful medical doctor in the Europe most especially in the United Kingdom where i based, so because of my busy schedules i'll want you to really help in looking after my kids anytime i'm out of town on business which i hope you can do very well.I am not the homely type so you will have to take care of my children for me.I divorced my wife recently and i cannot let my children go with her so i need your help to take care of my children, whatever the amount may be, i can pay get back to me and i will get you a travel agent immediately.
If you're interested in getting this job and you want to know more you can contact me via my personal email address so I can see what can be done to get you over here within the shortest period of time.
i'll want you to make available to me your personal data as follow
Full Name:
Current Place of Resident
Place of Birth
Personal Contact Telephone Number
Criminal Records if any

NB: Please i want to notify all would be applicants to be well aware that
i'll only be financing the following bills.

Flight Ticket

Nanny Association Reg Fee

Insurance Cover

and a visa for non-eu applicants, but please be well aware that i'll not be funding of your work-permit and resident-permit which you'll have to get yourself, the only
help i can render is that you can easily get it through the travel agency that will take care of your other travel plans.

I'll not entertain people looking for free hand-outs because i've been ripped too many times for me to fall victim again. The reason for insisting on anyone purchasing the work-permit and resident-permit is that even after you stop
working for me your work-permit is always there for you once you've gotten
it the first time.

Please also note that the purchasing of the Work-permi tand resident-permit will cost
723 pounds and 32pence, i've already spoken with the MD of the travel agency and he has already given me the bill of how much it'll cost to get a UK certified work-permit which will allow you work anywhere in the whole of Great Britain. Any interested person should contact him via his email address: and he ll be glad to read from you, i want to inform any applicant that i really don't entertain time wasting and for that reason i've said i'll have to say all i want from anyone: all i want is your urgency and dedication to your job as my



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