Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is without a doubt the most badly written email scam that I have ever received.

Once you have worked your way through the assault on the English language, it becomes clear that the scammer is trying to persuade you of his good faith by offering you his credit card number.

Be warned, there is no credit card.

The scammer will use this "act of faith" to lull you into a false sense of security, and try to do the following:

1 Elicit from you your bank account details, and other personal information, so that he can commit identity theft.

2 Claim that he has "overpaid" you by accident, with regard to any deposit made into your account. He will ask you to settle the overpayment by transfer. By the time that you realise that no money has in fact been paid into your account, it will be too late.

3 Convince you to take other larger deposits in your account, which are in fact laundered money.


Hello Mr., Mrs.

I am Mr. ROUDAUT, at the time of the marriage of my son; I would like to reserve your restaurant for the day of October 30, 2006.

I intend to regulate by credit card has distance. For that I would like to be in liaison with the person in charge in load for the room.

I make a point of announcing that my budget for the marriage is 6 000 euros planned for a cocktail and a dinner (of 10h with 18h).

You will thus understand that I want the best for my only son and all that is essential with the good course of this reception. Also I would like to make a reservation for 15 guests or to reserve the entire restaurant if possible. Is what with my budget you will be able to ensure the good course of the ceremony?

I would like to ask you for a service:
I would like to make come from here October 27, 2006, a group of 3 people towards you so that they can work with you during the preparations (they will be occupied of the choice for the menu, decoration to be little and if required to make a simulation of the ceremony before my arrival). In fact, it is also so that you have physical people with whom to treat before my arrival on your premise.

However I would wish by the same occasion that you regulate the travel agency which is occupied of their plane tickets. I remind to you that knowing that this is not your activity; we offer to you a commission of 500 euros for this service.

It is has to say you will take on my N° of credit card an amount of 3500 euros as instalment (once arrived I will freeze again you the remainder of the amount is 6000 euros) for the reservation + your commission as well as the amount of 3000 euros for the bills of the team of 3 people of which I spoke to you and to forward this sum by mandate Western Union to the agency PRESTIGE VOYAGE located In Ivory Coast of which I will communicate the co-ordinates at the convenient period to you.

In fact, my company has a reduction with this agency, thus I envisaged there to regulate their tickets. I am currently in New Guinea for a congress and I benefitted from the occasion to take my son as his future wife with me for the choice of the accessories which they will need at the time of the ceremony.

Thus I am on standby of your confirmation in order to communicate to you my N° of credit card + the scratch date for the payment to accompany by an authorization which I myself will sign.

I ask you moreover to render this service, because the travel agency cannot will take remote credit card if not, I would have forwarded to them my N° of credit card.

In waiting of your confirmation, please join to me as of reception of this mail.
Very Cordially


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