Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today I have been asked to pretend to be the husband of a scammer who claims to be living in Britain and the heiress to over £50M.

"Her" email is illiterate shite, eg "legible to collect the money"!

Dear Sir,

My name is Sarah.G. Smith; I am 24 years old, from London -England, whereI school and work as a fashion designer for part time job I do after mys chool. I am the only daughter of my parents my father died in a fatalauto accident on his way to see my sick mother at the hospital where shewas admitted for Cancer treatments, she also gave up when she heard about the death of my father in same day and hospital. wisdom

Before the death of my father, he had willed part of his Real EstateBusiness, Gas Stations and a total sum of £50,700,000.00 (Fifty Million,Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling) to me. Now at his death, and because things has become very hard for me paying my school fees, putting food on the table and taking care of my other needs which my fashion designer work I do as a part time work after my school can’t help, I wentto the bank where my late father deposited the funds on my behalf to withwithdraw money to take care of my self and pay for my school fees andother bills.

I was shocked when the Bank Manager explained to me that I will not beable to withdraw from the deposited money, because my father had put aclause on the Will, which he used in depositing the funds with them,saying that before I will be given access to the money, I will either haveto be 30 years old or I will be given access to the money, if I getmarried before the age of 30 , in which case, my husband will be legible to collect the money on my behalf by standing in as my late fathers nextof kin to claim the deposited fund son my behalf. Today I am only 24 years old. And I have no access to the money till I'm30 years.

So, I’m contacting you to standing as my husband to claim this fund on my behalf if you are married already, you can still help me by standing in as my late fathers next of kin to the deposited funds. So,please get back to me as to know how you will be remunerated as I will part with 40% of the total sum £50,700,000.00(Fifty Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling),while 10% will be mapped out for any expensesthat we're to use to receive the money from the deposited Bank.

Please remember that I am writing you this email purely on the ground of trust so we can achieve this deal together. This transaction will last for two weeks after you get back to me on how serious you are to claim these funds on my behalf.

Please reply to my alternative E-mail:

Yours Truly,
Sarah.G. Smith

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