Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I can only assume that the scammer who wrote this gibberish, illiterate bullshit was pissed out of his brain at the time; it makes no sense whatsoever.

His fingers also appear to have got stuck on the capital key.

I Have Determined To Make Contact With You Concerning The Widespread Refuge Information Reaching My Office And The Severe Nature Of Guidelines In My Country.

This Is To Enlighten You About Our Arrangement To Send A Fund To You Via CashRelease As It Is The Only System That Will Be Easier For The Both Of Us, We AreGoing To Send Your Contract / inheritance Part Payment Of 8 Million United States Dollars Via Any Courier Service. I Have Secured Every Desirable Document To Cover The Money.

Note: The Money Is Coming On 2 Security Proof Boxes. The Boxes Are Sealed With Synthetic Nylon ThatWas Sealed And Padded With Machine. This Fund Was Brought To Us For Our Local A.F.E.M. Market, But Since The Money Was Not Used, I Will Use My Position As TheFinancial Account to the NNPC To Send This Fund To You. Please Don't Be Worried About Anything As Am Going To Finance This Transaction and the only money you are going to spend here is the dispatch and registration of the keys boxes.

The Boxes Are Coming With A Diplomatic Agent Who Will Go Along With The Boxes To Your House Address When Provided. All You Need To Do Now Is To Send Me Your Complete House Address And Your Identity Such As, International Passport Or Drivers License Including YourContact Phone & Fax Numbers For Easy Communication, The Diplomatic Attached WillTravel With It. He Will Call You Immediately He Arrives Your Country's Airport.Hope This Is Alright By You?

Note: The Diplomats Who Will Bring The Consignment To Any Place Of Your ChoiceDoes Not Know The Original Contents Of The Boxes. I Made Them To Understand ThatThe Boxes Contains A Sensitive Photographic Film Material Instead Of Money ForSecurity Reasons. If They Call And Ask You The Contents, Please Tell Them The Same Thing.

Send Me An Email And I’ll Let You Know How Far I Have Gone With The Arrangement. I Will Secure The Diplomatic Immunity Clearance Certificate That Will Be Tagged On The Boxes To Make It Stand As A Diplomatic Consignment. This Clearance Will Make It Pass Every Custom Checkpoint All Over The World Without Any Interception. Confirm The Receipt Of This Message And Send The Requirements To Me Immediately You Receive This Message.

Please I Need Your Prompt Response Because The Boxes Are Scheduled To Leave ToYour Destination As Soon As We Hear From You. Get Back To Me Via My Most-Private E-mail Address: For More Clarification.

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