Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Monday, December 18, 2006

How nice, a fake lottery "win".

Just in time for Christmas!

Dear Winner


(Batch # UML010/C2)
(Ref. # 428/77/UML)

We are pleased to announce you one of the ten lucky winners in the
lucky day
Lotto draw held
yesterday 14-12-2006 .All ten winning Addresses were randomly
from a batch of
fifty thousand international Email addresses. Your email address emerged
alongside nine
as category two Winners
in this year's Annual lucky day Lotto Draw.
Consequently, you have therefore been approved for a total pay out of
5oo,ooo.oo(five hundred thousand euros) only.

Contact the under listed claims officer via email
as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings.

Complete Solutions Ltd



Your fund is currently deposited with the paying Bank.
Your ref and batch numbers as stated above, are the key to your winning.Please keep it safe and
handy as you make contact to claim your prize.

Winners are advised also to keep this award confidential until prize are
claimed to avert the incidence of impersonation by unscrupulous elements.

Please note also that all claims are
nullified after 20 working days from today,15-12-2006.

Once again on behalf of all our staff.


Paul Green
Promotions Manager
The Lucky day Lotto Company

The Lucky day Lotto Awards is proudly sponsored by the Microsoft
Corporation, the Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers,Mackintosh and a
Conglomeration of other international IT companies.

The Lucky day lotto Internet Draw is held once in a year.It is so
organized to encourage the use of The Internet and computers worldwide.

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