Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

This pile of illiterate shit arrived in my mailbox today. It purports to come from a certain Dr Yinka, who claims to be chairman of Ecowas Contractor's Debt Reconciliation Board.

Aside from the ludicrous grammar and atrocious spelling, viz:

"Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may offend your personality for contacting you without your prior consent and writing through this unofficial channel.I got your contact from a proffesional..."

He proposes that I commit fraud, by claiming non existent assets that I have no entitlement to; then, for good measure, he assures me that the fraud is 100% legal.

Lying scumbag!

From Dr Rasaki Yinka (SA)
Chairman,Ecowas Contractor's
Debt Reconciliation Board
Accra - Republic of Ghana


Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may offend your personality for contacting you without your prior consent and writing through this unofficial channel.I got your contact from a proffesional database found in internet while searching for a reliable and honest person that will assist me safeguard funds into an account.Due to the amount involved since this deal is my last hope,I have to consult my spiritual Leader who directed me to contact you after series of prayers/fasting before this letter to you.

Proposal : In the course of discharging my duty while reconciling our debt on Ecowas contractors files who has not received their balance payments on the contracts executed by them.After going through some old files ,I found out that one of our Foreign Contractor who died some time ago was among the contractor's whose funds are to be paid. I made several attempts to locate his other family members or relations which proves abortive as was not contained in his contract information with us.I thought wisely to transfer this money out now Ecowas is prepared to pay all contractor's outstanding bill than loosing it to Ecowas since its ethics has a stipulated years for such debt after which the debt will be deleted from Ecowas record and will be termed as Bad Debt which will be shared among Ecowas Top management which i am not included.This is why i am contacting you to assist me safeguard this Fund in your account.I would have executed this deal without contactin
g you but due to our country civil service code which prohibits us from operating foreign accounts and also the fund will only be released to a foreigner as the next of kin to the Deceased Foreign contractor.

As an account owner for this transfer,You will be entittled to 30% of the total fund,20% will be used to set up humanitarian organisations to be managed by both of us in your country to help needy,motherless babies and other less priviledged people While I take 60% for my investment in your country then 10% will be set aside to take care of any incidental charges which might arise in the course of the transfer.Due to my position.I have all his personal contract information which will be released to you on demand to pursue the payment approval from Ecowas.All the arrangement to put claim on the fund legally as the apparent heir of the deceased has been perfected.Needless to say, the trust reposed on you at this juncture is enormous. In return I demand your complete honesty and trust.

NOTE : This transaction will be strictly based on the following terms and conditions as I have stated below:(a)My conviction of your transparent honesty and diligence.

(b) That you would treat this transaction with utmost secrecy and confidentiality (c) That you will not ask for more share or try to sit on the funds once it is under your custody, or any form of blackmail to allow you run away with this fund.

(d) That upon receipt of the funds you will release the funds as instructed by me after you have removed your share of 20% from the total amount before my arrival in your country as it might take me time to retire and get my travel documents ready before arriving.This transaction is 100% legal and risk free and we hope to conclude this deal within 14 working days if you accord me your unalloyed support and co-operation. I give you my word that you are completely safe in doing business with me.

Transactions like this have been successfully carried out in the past by some of my collegues and now they are outside enjoying their wealth with their foreign collaborators.

Looting and corruption is rampant in this part of the world ,thus explaining why you might have heard stories of how money is been taken out of this country through foreigners assistance like you, this is because everyone is making desperate attempts to secure his/her family future, so that when retires from active service he/she will not languish in poverty since Civil servants were not properly taken care of.

If this deal further interest you,sand mail for more detailed information and discard this information if you won't participate due the sensitivity of the transaction.As am an employee of Ecowas and always busy in the office especially now that other contractors will be coming for their funds send me mail.

God Bless You.

Dr Rasaki Yinka.

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