Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Robert Mugabe's son wrote to me today, well at least that is what the scammer would try to have me believe!

Suffice to say, it is a con trick; and not a very good one either.

I hope that none of you are stupid enough to fall for this obvious scam.

Compliments of the day,I understand quite well that this message will sound so strange to you but it is a very serious matter that we need to tackle together very urgent. Before i proceed further,Let me formally introduce myself to you .I am MR. JOHNSON MUGABE, 30 years of age, the first adopted son of president Robert Mugabe, the current Zimbabwean President. I am contacting you today for an urgent assistance to transfer into your account the sum of US$ 19.8 ( NINTEEN POINT EIGHT MILION STATES DOLLARS). I hope that you may be aware of the recent differences that is going on rigth now between my father and the opposition party in my country, this also brought about the commonwealth community sanctioning my father and freezing all his foreign account both in America and britain.This decision was carried out during the 4 days Commonwealth meeting that was held in Malawi in a part of South East Africa recently.
It will interest you to hear that i never supported my fathers treatment to the white zimbabwean citizens, and this has seriously brought about some personal misunderstanding between me and my father.I have been opposing him since the past five (7) years. Fight so hard to see that he leaves the presidential seat after governing for past 32 years On this account i disassociated myself from him and we do not have any thing in common right now.He even forced me to leave the country with immediate effect after receiving the sanction from the common wealth community, Although he thought that i am behind his delimma. In the year 2004 when i was in good term with my father, he gave me a treasure box containing the sum of US$19.8 milion to deposite in a private security company in Thailand for safe keeping, So i did exactly as he instructed me without disclosing the actual content of the box to the security company,every documents was signed and documented in
my names and details.This money has been lying in the security company for the past 8 months.
Now that he sent me out on exile, i left zimbabwe to Thailand where i am currently seeking political assylum.My aim of travelling to Thailand was to claim the money and transfer it out of Thailand to any other country that will be safe for investment. I am contacting you therefore on the account that you will support me to secure the fund in good condition and also come over to Thailand so that we can both claim the fund together, and then we travel down to your country for proper investment of the fund.
I have visited the security company and made every neccessary enquiry concerning the fund and it is still intact in the security house.I will compensate you with 7%of the total sum (i.e US$ 1,386 000.00) and i have set aside another 8% (i.e US$1,584 000.00) for any expenses that may be incured during the transaction. Please this is a very confidential matter that needs utmost secrecy and confidentiality, so i am really pleading to you to try as much as possible to keep every aspect of this confidential. Please also do not reveal it to any one as my hope and futture solely depend on this money and if you are willing to work with me and assist me on this transaction,then do not hesitate to contact me immediately by sending me your TELEPHONE and FAX NUMBERS,and reply me through my e-mail address for us to carry on with the next step of the transaction.
Hoping to receive your positive response soonest.



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