Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This criminal assault on the English language arrived in my email box today.

The writer claims that she wants help in retrieving $8M, to help fund her daughter's education (a pathetic attempt to pull my heart strings there).

Simply put, there is no $8M; this is just a scam designed to trick the ignorant and the greedy.

Throw it away, if you receive one.

How are you hope all is well with you and your family? My daughter is having funds in Europe to claim we
need your assistance. She is 25 years old and a house girl as her profession, I was unable to take care
of her properly so the late woman Madam Florence Zuma decided to help me out and make sure she get
better life because we belive childred are the leaders of tomoorow.

I have this thing to tell you which I believe it can be helpful to both of Us.

Like I told you at the beginning she is a house help am working under a woman named above but she is
dead now and she is a very well know woman and she is a diamond merchant in Ghana but she Lives in
Sierra Leone.

My Daughter stayed with her all this years working under her so she is dead now and she
Don't having kid nor husband; she has a fund in Europe with my daughter name US$8.5 million us
dollars. Right now we are in Sierra Leone cannot secure a visa to go there personally.

I need your assistance to help us claim the funds and secured it in your Custody before I and my family
come over with your help securing a visa for us in your embassy with the name of the company you will
open once you claim the funds I believe with the company name they will give us visa.

For your assistance we will offer you 20% of the funds once you claim it.

I have all documents covering the funds I have talk to firm securing the consignment they said
Once we have a beneficiary they will act according to my instructions and work with the new beneficiary
so please let me know if you can be of assistance in this transaction
So I can give you more details.

If you are willing to us contact me only on this email ()OR you can contact
my Daughter on her email address () but I prefer you contact me for better

Note: Once you claim the funds you will look for a school for my daughter there in your country so that
she can further her education.

Thanks for your understanding

Best regard


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