Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I see that I have "won" the UK National Lottery again. I must be the luckiest person in Britain to have "won" this lottery so many times, if only the money really existed!

P O Box 1010 Liverpool, L70 1NL UNITED KINGDOM
(Customer Services)

Dear Lucky Winner,

This is to inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of
£1,000,000.00 (British Pounds) held on the 12th of April 2007 in London UK. The
selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized
email selection system(ess) from a database of over 250,000 email addresses
drawn from which you were selected. Your e-mail address emerged as one of two
winners in the category "A" with the following winning information:

REF No: UKNL-L/200-26937
BATCH No: 2005MJL-01
TICKET No: 20511465463-7644
SERIAL No: S/N-00168
LUCKY No: 887-13-865-37-10-83

The BRITISH UK. Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board. To begin the
processing of your prize you are to contact our fiduciary claims department for
more information as regards procedures to claim your prize.

Mr. John Morgan
Tel: +44-701-113-1298
Tel: +44-703-195-8028

Contact him by sending him with the under listed informations

1. Name in Full:
2. Home Address:
3. Age:
4. Occupation:
5. Company:
6. Phone Number:
7. Present Country:
8. Nationality:
9. Sex:
10. Winning Email:

Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for being part
of our promotional program.

Mrs. Rose Wood
NOTE: You are to contact your officer immediately with the official

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