Stupid Punts!

Stupid Punts!


Examples of the "Nigerian scam" that flood my email box everyday.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The writer of this scam email claims to be in Spain, his email address is in fact not Spanish.

Despite the claimed "non African" location, this is still a Nigerian scam.

There is allegedly a large sum of money, it belonged to a dead man; and the writer wants me to help him commit fraud by stealing the money.

He employs the same convoluted grammar of the scammers:

"We have to establish mutual trust such that it will be glaring to both parties that we could work with open mind."

Needless to say there is no money.

Anyone who is so stupid and greedy as to fall for this deserves to be conned.

I am contacting you to partner with me in respect of transfer of certain
funds, which is being held in a floating account in my organization, Fountain
Securities , in Madrid Spain. I am privileged to have full knowledge of the
availability of this fund due to my function and position in the organization
at present. I have to contact you because it is imperative for me have the
cooperation of a foreigner to be able to transfer the fund out of my country.
This fund, was deposited by Mr. George Martins, who died in 1994 without
leaving any information of any next of kin to inherit the fund. The account
therefore has not been operated since his death.

The total amount involved is Fifteen Million American Dollars. My name is
Douglas Morris. I would give the details of the transfer process if I receive
your response and am convinced that you are willing and dependable to carry
out the transaction with me in absolute confidentiality. We have to establish
mutual trust such that it will be glaring to both parties that we could work
with open mind. On transfer of the fund into your account, your share would
be 35% of the total sum while the rest part would be for me and I intend to
invest the major part of my share in your country with your assistance.

I would appreciate if you could respond to me on my more private Kindly state your telephone number so that
I could call you too.
I await your response.

Douglas Morris.

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